Here are the prices of our services. The price bands indicate the distance from Greenwich Town Centre. All prices include VAT.

Description:0-5 miles5+ miles
Standard Piano Tuning£80£85
+ Pitch Raise£40£45
+ Cleaning£20£20
+ Repairs (per hour)£40£40
Restringing (treble)£15 per string£15 per string
Restringing (bass)£30 per string£30 per string
Piano Assessment/Call Out Charge*£45£50
Half Day Servicing (4 hours)£180£200
Full Day Servicing (8 hours)£350£400

Unsure of the terms? See our FAQ page.

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* Call out charge is only billed if no other service except restringing is required , or a cancellation on the day is made.

For any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us.