Piano Tuning

Get your piano sounding great.

Piano tuning is the most common service that pianos need. Pianos go out of tune because the strings lose their tension over time which changes the pitch, making notes sound unpleasant or ‘wrong’. Piano are tuned by adjusting each note to the correct pitch using a tool called a tuning hammer, which turns a pin which makes a string flatter or sharper. A piano in tune will be more enjoyable to play, and will give greater accuracy in playing pieces, scales, and with other musicians – two important areas particularly for piano students.

A piano tuning lasts about one hour, but sometimes might be longer if there are repairs needed to the piano or it is very out of tune. Pianos should ideally be tuned at least every six months, to compensate for seasonal temperature and humidity changes throughout the year. More tunings are recommended for professional musicians, piano students, and pianists who practice frequently. I tune pianos at A440hz concert pitch (unless a special pitch is desired) and work on uprights, grands, spinets and any make and model of piano.

If a piano is very out of tune it may need a ‘pitch-raise’. This is when multiple tunings are done to bring the piano back to the regular pitch of A440.